Vello on my Mind

Have you ever seen or heard of the Vello folding bicycle? I have and the Vello folding bicycle has caught my attention. Now don’t misunderstand my intentions, I am still a Strida fan and I ride my Strida almost everyday. The Strida is a great bike and I think a bike for almost everyone but many potential folding bike customers miss out on the Strida because they are looking for a more conventional looking bike.

Vello in the city of Sopron

Vello Folding Bicycle

The Vello is a newly designed folding bike designed in Vienna Austria. The Vello bike also has a light weight innovative electric drive option. This is something many Strida fans have been looking and waiting for.

I am going to be in Vienna this month and the nice folks at Vello are lending my wife and I two Vello bikes to test and enjoy while we are staying in Sopron Hungary. I was hoping to be able to bring two bikes home with me but the version 2 of the Vello will not be available until the Fall of this year.

We will have several days to ride and get a feel for the Vello bike. I do plan on updating this post with a review of our experience including photos and video. So stay tuned, if you have any questions regarding the Vello folding bicycle then please contact me.

The Vello and rented car.


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