Vello Bike Update and Pricing

Vello Bike Update and Pricing

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Vello Bike Update

As mentioned in an earlier post I have been interested in the development of the Austrian Vello Folding Bike. Last summer I had the opportunity it meet with the owners and designers of the Vello bike in Vienna. I was able to ride a demo Vello + electric assist prototype and they lent my wife and myself two Vello Urbano bikes for a few days.

The Vello is now in production and backers of the Vello + are receiving their bikes soon. I hope to have my first Vello bikes ready for sale near the end of July.

Vello Folding Bike Pricing

It is still a early to have firm prices but at this time with the current exchange I anticipate the cost to be about,

 Urbano Claris, 8 speed, 1995.00 

Vello Bike + chain drive, electric assist, 3995.00 

Vello Bike + belt drive, disk brakes, electric assist, 4495.00

When Vello Bikes are available for order I will be selling them on my Cycle For Fun website.

If you have an interest in one of these two models or the other Vello models, please contact me.

Vello Catalogue 


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