Map of Strida customers

Hey Strida fans, I have recently updated my map of my Strida customers. This is a big deal as it has been more than six months since I last updated this map. So if you check out the map you will find more than 600 Strida pins representing Strida fans in many countries that have purchased Strida parts, accessories or bikes from me.

I have shipped nearly 1200 orders through this website since the first order shipped May 30th 2013. It feels pretty good to have been able to meet and help so many Strida fans in so many locations.

I have also recently restocked many parts and accessories that were out of stock, you can read more in my blog post here.

The primary purpose of this map of Strida customers is to help someone wanting to know more about Strida bikes find someone near them. This can be done by contacting me with the number on the Strida pin and I will see if I can arrange a meeting. This has been successful many times in bringing Strida fans together.

And lastly a big thank you to all the Strida fans that have helped me achieve these numbers in the last six years.

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