Summer time photo, Anthony in NYC

Yes, it has been a very long time between posts. This Strida update includes, I have been able to fill some of the holes in my inventory after receiving an order of Strida accessories and Strida parts. But I don’t have a firm shipping date from Strida on my bike order that I placed last year.

So if you have been waiting for Strida 18 inch tires, or other hard to find Strida parts and accessories, then I may have them in stock. This new order also included the KS3 gearbox for the EVO.

Other News

Strida update other news, my idea of developing a E-Strida kit has not progressed. GRIN Technologies have been expanding rapidly and have not had the time to work on my E-Strida project. And my plan for importing the Efneo three speed gearbox for the Strida has not happened, yet. This is mostly because I haven’t got around to it and I don’t have any new Strida bikes to install the gearbox in. So if you are interested in this gearbox please let me know, I may just need a little more encouragement.

In other news I have found a new supplier for the thin stainless steel washer I use in my rear hinge upgrade kit. If your Strida is making a strange noise then this upgrade kit may help you. This post will explain.

New Website

I am still planning on updating my website, I have made a start but just don’t seem to get around to it, too many non Strida projects possibly.

So mostly I wanted to let you know that I am still here, and I have more parts and accessories.

As always if you have any Strida questions that I can help with please contact me here or look for me on the website chat.

I really like hearing from my customers and appreciate your testimonials. If you would like to add to my testimonials then please email or use the contact form.

Summer Time, and the living is easy, with your Strida close by!

November 27, 2017

Thank you Bill for all your help in getting my Dream8 bike to me in Moose Jaw. I did have a very good bike before this one but have not been as diligent to get on it because I noticed over the years it was really bothering my shoulders. My massage therapist told me about the Day 6 bike so I got on the web site and really liked what they were talking about. Bill was able to send me the bike I was interested in and after some fine tuning of the seat and handlebars WOW this is the best bike I could ever of found for this 60+ yr old.

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