Strida Videos from Strida Fans around the World

Strida Videos from Fans around the World

Here are links to Strida Videos produced by Strida fans around the world. The Stria bike has always been a fun bike to photograph. I am sure that you see that I have fun with my Strida photos used in this website. The Strida videos posted in the past were mostly instructional videos. We are now seeing videos produced that I think capture the fun and feeling of riding a Strida bike. I hope to be adding to this collection, so check back again.

Strida Polska, new video June 2017. I few tricks to handling the Strida up and down stairs and trains and a story.

Strida Denmark have just released this video, The Cyclist, that tells a story,

And from Strida Minsk, On a Strida in a Skirt, the title tells the story,

There are Strida Fans in Morocco who love to have fun with their Strida bikes, and make videos. If there is a movement to Strida bike gangs then these Moroccan guys are leading the way,

Складной велосипед Strida, this video is about the Strida EVO 3 speed and it demonstrates how easy it is to shift and use. It also highlights many of the Strida’s unique features.

STRIDA SX folding-bike review by Gee-Jay, this 6 min 30 sec video is one of the most watched Strida videos of all time. It demonstrates the Strida SX in city commuting. 

And another from the guys at Strida Denmark. A folding demo with a little humor.

Strida Roma, Strida personal transportation  July 2017



A BBC produced video showing the differences between fake Strida bikes and fake Brompton bikes. Mark Sanders is interviewed for the Strida.

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