New Strida Parts

I am determined to have in stock every Strida part needed to rebuild, repair or service your Strida bike. I have moved one step closer to this goal this week with the arrival of my new order of Strida parts. I now have in stock the complete list of Strida parts for the front magnet assembly and the rear magnet keeper assemble.

Strida parts, Strida Front Wheel Magnet

Strida Front Wheel Magnet

Strida parts, Strida Magnet Keeper

Strida Magnet Keeper

These two groups of Strida parts are not just important for the operation of the wheel magnet but the bolts in these groups are also what secures the wheels on the Strida bike. Removal and replacement of these parts should be done carefully as there are several washers in a certain order.  Referring to the parts diagram in the Strida manual on page 14 can really help.

Also new in our parts page is the Strida wheel bearing or as Stridas refers to it as the hub bearing.


Strida parts Strida Wheel Bearing

Strida Wheel Bearing


If you need a part for your Strida bike not listed on the parts page please ask, I may have it or I will order it. As well I will admit, I do have one Strida bike that has never been complete, I steal parts off of it when I don’t have what I need. I order the replacement parts and before I can complete the bike another part is missing!


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