Strida Dream

Yes I dream about Strida bikes, if you are like me and live and breath Strida bikes you may too. One such dream for me is finding an original Strida Mark 1 in new condition. Hey it is only a dream but sometimes dreams do come true. Or in this case, true times two!

Nancy emails me the other day and asks me, what do I know about old Strida bikes? Actually I know very little having only seen a Strida Mark 1 two weeks ago in Vienna for the first time. It was in a shop I was visiting for another reason and regrettably I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Nancy’s story is, she is cleaning out her attic and finds two Strida bikes that she thought they had long ago disposed of. She asks her local bike shop if they know anything about old Strida bikes and their response is not surprising, “Strida, never heard of that brand”.

Strida Mark 1

1987 Strida Mark 1 [ Glasgow ]

Dreams can come true

Luckily Nancy searches the internet and finds me. So dreams can come true.

Nancy and her husband bought these two Strida bikes in 1987. They rode them very little and then they were put in plastic bags and placed in the attic, and forgotten. I know, this sounds like a Fairy tale for us Strida Fans, but this is a true story.

Strida Mark 1 Glasgow Model

After I received photos and serial numbers from Nancy of her two Strida bikes I contacted Mark Sanders. Mark as most of you will know is the designer of the Strida and he was quick to respond with this information.

“Amazing find ! 

These are Mark 1 ‘Glasgow’ bikes (made in the remploy factory , Springburn, Glasgow, 1987-1988 iirc.)

bikes like these are best as museum pieces.”


Strida Mark 1

Strida Mark 1 Rear Wheel

Finding the Strida Mark 1 Bikes a Home

I agree with Mark, the best thing for these two Strida Mark 1 bikes is to find them a home in a museum. So I have written this post to help Nancy do just that, find these Strida bikes a good home.   If you or if you know of someone that may be interested in these bikes then please contact me.

Strida Mark 1

Strida Mark 1

Finding a Value

With a quick google search I found this auction from 2015. The condition of the bike is good, I don’t think it has the original tires or saddle.  The selling price was 900 usd.

Strida Mark 1

Strida Mark 1 Rack Detail


Interestingly many details have survived the evolution of the Strida bike. One such detail caught my eye,  if you look closely under the saddle at the seat mount you will see an Alan key inserted into the seat mount. I have to wonder, was it ever used? Or has it ever been removed from the seat mount?

Another detail I learned from Mark, the first Strida Mark 1 Glasgow bikes produced where equipped with white wall tires and round wheel reflectors. After a source for reflective tires where found the white walls were dropped. I think the white wall tires and round reflectors on these Strida Bikes look great.

I would like to know more about the yellow bungee cords on the rear rack, I will update this post when I learn more.


Strida Mark 1

Strida Mark 1





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