Strida Makes Life  Photo Contest



And the winners are!!!



Strida Photo Contest Winners

Strida Photo Contest Winners



U.S. Strida Fan’s can enter on Strida Canada’s Face Book page as well as Canadian Strida Fan’s.


Contest Begins, May 8th


Now this is really exciting Strida Fans, a Strida photo contest. We all know the Strida bike is fun to photograph, I see new Strida photos everyday. I also see my Strida photos shared and used around the world. Now the Strida makes life great photo contest makes taking and sharing you Strida photos even more fun.

Win a Strida and many other Strida Prizes

There are three Strida bike prizes, a Strida C1, a S30X, and a Lt. There are also many other prizes including Strida t-shirts, buff head-wear and leg strap and Strida bags.

Easy to Enter

The Strida makes life great photo contest is easy to enter. Each Strida distributor accepts photo entries on their Face Book page. You do need to upload your photo following the link on the Strida website.

  • Step 1. Visit Strida Canada’s Facebook fan page or the STRiDA official website to get more details
  • Step 2. Click into your country to upload your photo with your Facebook account.
  • Step 3. Make a short description of photo and share photo to your friends to get likes on Facebook.
  • Step 4. Each registered Facebook account can vote for 1 photo per day

Remark: The top two votes in preliminary voting will proceed to global Finals contest.
Please take a note that we will release “Finals Vote platform LINK” on June.21, 2018

Now here is the important part, you need to share your photo post with your friends and make sure you collect as many likes as possible. But that should be easy because everyone loves a good Strida photo!

Don’t Delay, This photo contest has an end date

Preliminary photo submissions ends on May 28th 2018!  

Prizes will be distributed by your local or closest Strida Distributor, so it is important to enter on their Face Book Page.

So don’t delay and enter now and don’t forget to share your photos with your friends. I would love to see the internet flooded with great Strida Photos. If you would like more information then please Contact Me. 

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