Strida M Style Handlebar Review

I was fascinated by the new Strida M Style handlebar kit when it was first introduced last Fall. M stands for mustache, the bars are sharped a bit like a large mustache that droops at the ends. I have always had a mustache, I did shave it once but soon after promised my best friend I would never shave it off again. As to the Strida M style handlebars, I may never take them off my bike again. This last year I have been riding with Strida’s bent handlebar kit installed, I have enjoyed the Strida bent bars for the wider reach and the more forward position than the stock straight Strida handlebars. The M style Strida handlebars also provide a wider position, but by bringing the ends of the bars back towards ones body the ride of the Strida is considerably different. For me this difference is a good thing.

Strida m type handle bars

Strida m type handle bars

Strida M Type Handle Bar

Strida M Type Handle Bar 1

The upright position is more comfortable with my hands closer to my body. I am also using the Strida leather saddle with springs, this saddle is wider at the back and combined with the more upright position made possible with the Strida M style bar, the ride is very comfortable. The M style handlebar kit also includes the Strida leather hand grips, these match the leather saddle for looks. I think in this angled position the round grips are better than the Strida ergo grips. The leather grips are very comfortable and have handsome brass end pieces. I loosened the leather hand grips and re-positioned the  lacing to the bottom where I could feel it with my fingers, this feels very secure and comfortable. I have also discovered with this position of my hands I can put more of my weight on the pedals if needed. Standing and pedaling a Strida with standard handlebars is very difficult, I am able to stand and pedal my Strida with my hands in a position closer to my body using the Strida M style handlebar. I have only just mounted these new M style bars and have used them for only a few rides, I see no reason to switch back to the Strida bent handlebars and I look forward to testing the M bars for many more kilometers. A good test will be my favorite hill climb, this won’t come until later in the year and after I have few hundred kilometers behind me. Stay tuned!

Strida M type handle bars

Upright riding position of the M type handle bars.


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