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Strida Instructional Video Page

This Strida instructional video page is produced with the intent of offering you help. Help with your purchasing decisions and the operation of your Strida folding bike. Many of the Strida folding bikes that I sell are to people who may never have seen a Strida in person, or have never had the opportunity to ride a Strida. With your comments and suggestions I will update these videos and produce more.


Folding and unfolding your Strida 2:3

This Strida instructional video is not about how fast I can fold the Strida. My intention is to provide you with details you need to know to safely fold and unfold your Strida.  Safely means that you are in control of the bike at all times. And you will not damage the bike when folding. Of most concern is not allowing the front tube to leave your firm grip and causing the ball and socket joint located at the top of the Strida frame to dislocate. This ball and socket joint is similar to your shoulder. If you let go of the front tube allowing the front tube to move apart far enough, it will dislocate.



Unpacking, assembling your new Strida 25:35

I have produced the Strida instructional video page to prepare a new Strida owner with helpful advice before you receive your Strida.  I can still remember the excitement I felt when I opened my first Strida box. Like many of you I had only seen photos of Strida folding bikes and had never seen or ridden one.  I am also not a, read the instruction first kind of person.  So my first step was to rip open the box and try to put it together.

This worked until I had the Strida out of the box, had removed the packing and was attempting to unfold it.  I couldn’t get it unfolded, I knew it was easy but not obvious enough for me as to how to get the wheels apart.  So I stopped before I caused damage, found the manual on the CD and printed the instructions. If you watch this video you may not need to do the same. Here is a link to the Strida download page and the manual.

Reading this post that explains the Strida Q/R Seat mount will help with the assembly of your new Strida.



Adjusting the seat height with the Q/R seat molding 1:07 

At Strida Canada West the single speed Strida SX and our three speed Strida EVO models are equipped with the Strida Quick Release seat molding.  The Q/R seat molding makes the seat height adjustment faster without the need to remove the seat and mounting bolts of the Lt standard seat mount.  The Q/R seat molding can also be purchased as an accessory and used to upgrade the Strida Lt model.  Here is a link to the Strida download page and the Q/R seat molding manual.  

I have also written this post, Q/R seat mount explained. 




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