Strida as a winter Bike

Most of us will never ride our Strida bikes in the winter. Or maybe I should just speak for myself. Where I live in Canada we have winter for about four months. It is cold and there is usually snow for those four months. I do like the snow and winter, but for me enjoying winter involves putting on my snowshoes or ice cleats and hiking trails.

Strida in the Snow

So when Heather in Toronto contacted me regarding purchasing a Strida EVO to ride for a winter bike I was intrigued. There are many reasons to consider a Strida for a city winter bike. The belt will not corrode, the aluminum frame will not rust and the Strida being light weight and foldable makes it easy to handle.

Heather is no stranger to folding bikes as she also owns and loves her Brompton. But she doesn’t what to ride her Brompton in the snowy, wet winters of Toronto. Heather has posted a comparison of her Brompton and her Strida on her blog and also a post of the Strida as a winter bike. Here is a link to Heather’s blog, Bromptoning.

So check out Heather’s blog and read about her Strida experiences. After reading her post I now may consider giving my Strida a spin in the snow!

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