Strida Folding Bikes and RVs

I have several customers who enjoy their Strida folding bikes and their RVs together. In many ways the Strida folding bike is the perfect match for a person travelling with an RV.  The ease of folding the Strida bike and the ability to roll the bike when folded makes the Strida easier to handle than other folding bikes.  Not to be over looked, is the clean drive belt of the Strida bike. The Strida clean drive belt makes the Strida easy to store without the worry of oil and grease getting on your RV.  Just as important, the clean Strida drive belt also keeps the rider’s clothes and body clean.

Strida Folding Bikes and Rv

Folded Strida Bike ready to store


Strida Folding Bikes and RV

Strida Clean Drive Belt

And of course one of the most     important reasons for owning and riding a Strida folding bike is the comfortable ride. The Strida bike was designed to be ridden in an upright position. When riding a  Strida bike the rider has a straight back and neck. With this upright position there is very little weight on your wrists and arms.

Strida Folding Bikes and Rv

Comfort and Style

The Strida bike is also very adjustable for different riders height. There is only one size of Strida frame, the seat mount adjusts up and down for different riders leg length. The Strida is adjustable for riders from 4′ 9″ to 6′ 4″ tall, and there is a choice of two different wheel sizes and three different handlebars styles.

Strida Folding Bikes and Rv

Strida M Style Handle Bar compared 1


The wheel sizes are 16 and 18 inches, the smaller 16 inch wheel size puts the rider a little closer to the ground and for a not so tall rider, this may make mounting and dismounting easier.  The smaller 16 inch wheels also provide a lower gear ratio so pedaling is easier and hills are not so steep. The larger 18 inch wheels with a higher gear ratio will provide more speed.

The Strida bike is available in the single speed Lt model, with 16 inch wheels and the SX model with 18 inch wheels.  The EVO model is the three speed model Strida and is also available with 16 and 18 inch wheels. The wheels on the Strida bikes are interchangeable so the wheel size can be upgraded from 16 to 18 inch at a later date. This page, Strida Models Explained,  explains the different Strida models in more detail. For more information on how the Strida folding bike can compliment your RV lifestyle please contact me.

Strida Folding Bikes and Rvs

Strida Folding Bikes and the Rv life

Strida Folding Bikes and Rv

Two Strida folding bikes with a VW Van

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