Strida Commercial and Telus Fiber Optics

Hey Strida Fan’s and fans of Strida Canada, if you would like to know more about Strida Canada then check out this Strida Commercial video.  Last summer I was approached by Telus, my internet service provider, with a request to feature me and Strida Canada in a Telus commercial.

Telus installed Fiber Optics in our community last year, and was looking for someone who uses their Fiber Optics to operate their business. I think Strida Canada was good match. About 95% of my business is online with customers like yourself. You may understand this if you have used my chat line or emailed me. Fast and dependably internet service is very important to me. I like to respond quickly to customer requests.

I will admit during the three hours the Telus film team was at my home I did feel a little like a film star. The film team interviewed me in my workshop and my river facing office. They also filmed me delivering an order to the post office with my Strida and Travoy trailer.  They also took turns riding the Strida and felt the excitement Strida fan’s know well.

It was a fun afternoon. The one thing that does need explaining in the video, the dog seen near the beginning. I don’t know where the dog video clip came from. We don’t have a dog and our three cats were not impressed to see the dog in the video!

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