Strida Canada West and Day 6 Bicycles

You may be wondering what the connection is with Strida Canada West and Day 6 Bicycles. Like many Strida Fans I am fascinated with innovative design.  I discovered the Day 6 bicycle and began selling it locally before I became a Strida Fan.

The Day 6 Bicycle is the design of an American, Kelly Hutson.  After suffering a serious back injury he found it painful to ride a conventional bike.  You know the bikes I mean, where the riding position has you leaning forward with your neck bent back and your upper body weight on your wrists holding the handle bars.  After unsuccessfully trying to modify a conventional bike so that he could ride it, he built his own from the ground up.

The pedal forward design of the Day 6 positions the body in an upright position.  The fully adjustable back rest provides back support. The upright body position when combined with the high handle bars ensures that there is no weight on the riders wrists and arms.

The Day 6 is a safe bike to ride.  The low step through of 44 cm or 17 1/2 inches enables the rider to safely mount and dismount the bike.   Another benefit of the pedal forward design is that the rider sitting on the seat can touch the ground with their feet.   This makes starting and stopping on a Day 6 bicycle easy and safe.

As well as many happy customers who enjoy the comfortable  ride of the Day 6 we also have several customers with Parkinson’s disease who depend on their Day 6 bike to provide them with a safe and comfortable riding experience.

You may not see it at first, but there is a similarity between the design of the Day 6 bike and the Strida. The comfortable ride of the Strida is partly due to the pedal forward design combined with an upright riding position.

The Day 6 bicycle and the Strida are two very different bikes with two different purposes, what they have in common is that they are both fun to ride and good for your body.

Here is a link to our Day 6 product page.


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