2022 Update

2022 is going to be a busy year for Strida Canada, here is a Strida Canada update. If you have looked at the website lately you will have noticed that there is a good inventory of parts and accessories. I received a large order of Strida parts and accessories in 2021 from Strida. These I have been shipping globally, quite steadily for the last few months.

But what Strida Canada has been missing is Strida bikes.

It has taken over a year to receive new bikes from Strida, but my order is on a boat and crossing the Pacific. I expect my shipment to arrive near the end of March. The shipment includes LT models and SX models with a choice of four colours. The bikes are listed here, Lt models and the SX models. I won’t have new photos until the bikes arrive.

I have been taking names for people looking for a new Strida, if you are interested in a new Strida this Spring please contact me.

Strida EVO Discontinued

Of note, there are no new EVO models as Strida have discontinued the production of the EVO three speed. With this in mind I have stocked up on the replacement KS3 gearbox for the Strida EVO three speed.

Price Increase

I have needed to increase my prices with this new order for two reasons. One, Strida have increased their prices. Two, shipping costs have more than tripled! Container shipping across the Pacific at this time is very high.

Used Strida Bikes

If you are interested in purchasing a used Strida bike then please contact me. Occasionally used Strida bikes become available and they sell fast.

Will there ever be a E-Strida?

I don’t think Strida will ever develop an E-Strida or an E-Strida kit. This is a shame as I think the Strida bike would make a great folding electric assist bike. I have been experimenting with this idea and two years ago, before the pandemic, I loaned a Strida bike to GRIN Technologies. GRIN is a Vancouver Canada based E-bike component manufacture and distributor. GRIN is interested in building an E-kit for the front wheel of the Strida. But with the pandemic, GRIN moving locations and GRIN receiving new equipment, this has been a slow developing project. Hopefully this Spring there may be an E-Strida kit that I will be able to test. With the interest in electric assist bikes and with the Strida EVO being discontinued this project may expand the interest in the unique Strida folding bike.

Currency Converter

If you have noticed, there is a currency converter on the side bar. This currency converter enables website viewers to chose to view costs in three different currencies, the default Canadian dollar, the US dollar and the euro. But please note if you make a purchase the the amount displayed in the checkout page is in Canadian dollars. Your credit card will process the exchange if needed.

Checkout Page Password

I have placed a password on the checkout page of my website. The reason, there are bad actors in cyber land who like to use my website to check credit card numbers. They do this with a bot that will try to place orders to check if stolen credit card information will work. The password stops them from placing an order.

But there is another reason too, I like to know my customers, and to be able to offer help and advice when I can. When you contact me this provides me with an opportunity to help.


If you have any questions regarding this Strida Canada update please contact me here, or at the bottom right side of the screen with my chat line.

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