Strida Canada Chat Line Update

In an earlier post, Chat With Strida Canada, I mentioned my love for my Strida Canada Chat Line provided by Jivo Chat.  In that post I detailed my discovery and installation of my online chat service. That was 18 months ago. Since then there has been one improvement to the Strida Canada chat line that I want to tell you about.

Online Translator

The online translator for me is a great improvement.   Many of the people I chat with have another language as their first language. Because English is my first and only language helping people with another language can be frustrating. This frustration is for me and my customers.

How Does It Work?

On my end of the chat line I can select a language to translate my English to. The person on the other end sees my reply in their language and they can reply in their language. I receive their reply translated to English. Very slick and it works!

Having a chat line as part of my customer service offerings has improved my website experience, for me and my customers. If you haven’t giving it a try then please do. And if English is not your first language then please type using your native language and  make that translation work.

Give it a try if only to say hello!





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