Strida Brakes Explained

The Strida brakes are mechanical disk brakes, the brakes are cable actuated and no hydraulics are involved. The Strida brakes are easy to adjust, maintain and replace if needed. Beginning with the Strida model 5.0 in 2007 all of the Strida brakes are interchangeable.

Checking your Strida Brakes

Flipping your Strida upside down and resting the handlebars and saddle on a soft surface makes it easier to work on the brakes. The brake pads can be seen by looking through the opening at the back of the brake caliper. You may need a bright light, new Strida brake pads are 2 mm thick, you may consider replacing them if the pads are less than 1 mm. To fully inspect the brake pads it is best to remove them, how to remove them is explained later.

Next check the movement of the brake pads at the brake calipers. To do this get close to the brake caliper and manually move the part the brake cable is connected to, when you do this look carefully at the back of the brake caliper and observer how the brake pad moves. The inner brake pad, the pad closest to the wheel, is in a fixed position, the outer brake pad moves against the brake disk when the brakes are activated. The inner brake pad is adjusted by turning the hex adjustment bolt located on the inner side of the brake caliper but most important is that this bolt is locked by a small hex screw on the back of the caliper. This locking hex screw needs to be loosened before the adjustment bolt can be adjusted.

Strida brake tune up

Strida brake caliper adjustment

Strida brake tune up

View of Strida brake pads and brake disk

Adjusting Strida Brake pads

To adjust the brake pads, the fixed brake pad needs to be adjusted as close to the brake disk without touching it as possible. After adjusting, spin the wheel to make sure the pad is not touching the disk. Then the brake cable needs to be adjusted so that the outer movable brake pad is also close to the brake disk. A small adjustment is possible by adjusting the barrel adjuster on the brake caliper or the brake barrel adjuster on the brake lever.  A larger adjustment is made by loosening the brake cable clamp. Again spin the wheel checking that the pad is not touching. Next check that the bar end loops on the Strida handlebars can reach the brake levers. You can adjust the brake lever position with the small hex screw located in the brake lever. You can also adjust the cable length with the barrel adjuster at the brake lever. Make sure you are able to lock the brakes with the Strida bar end loops, I use the bar end loops, I call them parking brakes,  whenever I am leaving the Strida on the kickstand.

Strida brake tune up

Brake caliper adjustment

Strida brake tune up

Handlebar brake adjustment

Replacing Strida Brake pads

If you want to remove the brake pads to check for wear or to replace them then the brake caliper will need to be moved away from the brake disk. This is accomplished by first loosening the bolts holding the brake caliper to the frame then removing the lower bolt completely, note this is now the top bolt if your Strida is upside down. Also take note of the placement of the small metal washer, this washer may be in a different position on the front or rear calipers.

Strida brake tune up

Mounting bolts for the Strida brake caliper

Once the brake caliper has been moved away from the brake disk the brake pads can be removed through the slot at the back of the caliper. To do this the locking small hex screw at the back of the caliper needs to be loosened and then the 5 mm hex bolt on the inside of the caliper needs to be backed off, there is enough room to remove the brake pads through the slot at the back of the caliper. When handling the brake pads be careful not to touch the surface of the brake pads with your bare fingers, the oil on your skin may shorten the brake pad life. To install the new pads reverse these directions.

When reinstalling the caliper to the frame only tighten the caliper bolts until they are semi tight . Next adjust the inside fixed brake pad until it is just touching the brake disk and the wheel can still turn. Then adjust the cable so that the other brake pad is also just touching the brake disk and check that the wheel can still turn. Now if you squeeze the brake lever the caliper will shift slightly and alien to the brake disk. While holding the brake lever tighten the caliper bolts.

Re-adjust the brake pads so there is no drag on the disk and check that all the bolts are tight, you are now good to go. I like to take a short test ride with applying the front and rear brakes independently.


If your brakes calipers are older than the ones pictured here then this thread at the Strida Forum will help. There are two locking on older Strida calipers.

Need to replace a brake cable housing, here is a description on the Strida Forum.

Detailed Instruction PDF from the Strida CD (7-2)859 860 Colorful Disc brake



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