Strida Bike Stand do you need one?

I ordered the Strida bike stand to use in our show room to help display our Strida bikes.  After assembling  my first stand I quickly realized the Strida bike stand might be very useful at home as well. The Strida bike stand may be one of the most useful Strida accessories that you can order  from Strida Canada West.

Strida bike stand and a Strida sunkist orange LT

Strida bike stand and a Strida sunkist orange LT


Why do you need a Strida Bike Stand?

Yes most Strida bikes that are ordered from Strida Canada West come equipped with the Strida kick stand which makes parking your Strida bike fast and convenient, yes thanks to the Strida parking brake loops that lock the brake levers, you can easily lean the folded Strida bike against a wall, but the bike stand does more. The Strida bike stand holds the Strida bike in a upright position that saves space and looks very cool. The bike stand also holds the Strida bike in a non folded secure position as well.

Folded Strida LT in a Strida bike stand

Strida Bike stand information

The Strida bike stand ships in four pieces in a small box.  The assemble is quick and easy. There are holes in the base that allow secure mounting of the stand to the floor or platform.  The stand can un-clip from the part mounted to the floor.  When standing a folded Strida in the stand it is important to lock both brakes with the handle bar loops.  I like the look of the unfolded Strida in the stand and plan on carrying a stand with me so I can use it to help photograph  Strida bikes in different locations.  Here is a link to the ordering information of the Strida Bike Stand.

For a closer view of the Strida bike stand here is a link to Strida.


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