Strida Bike Review, is the Strida for you?

Strida Bike Review

This Strida bike review page provides links and information to magazines and blogs that have posted a Strida bike review. Strida Canada helped with these Strida bike reviews. I have provided the Strida bike and some of the Strida information. If you would like to write a Strida bike review for posting in a magazine then please contact me.

Ray from has produced this detailed video review of his experience with a Strida Lt. Ray writes a blog dedicated to living and traveling in a RV. The print version of the review can be found here.

RVwest magazine

A review of a Strida model Lt, the ordering, assembly and the usefulness for RV owners. “RVwest is a magazine dedicated to those who love the RV lifestyle and is primarily focused on Western Canada and the U.S.”

Truck News  page 47

The Strida can be the ideal bike for truck drivers who would like to stretch their legs and experience more than a truck stop while on the road. This review was written by Harry Rudolfs for Truck News.

TreeHugger Magazine

Lloyd Alter is a long time Strida Fan, it began with his purchase of a Strida in 2008. Lloyd wrote this Strida bike review of the Strida EVO and compared the EVO to his earlier Strida model 5.0. With some help with repairs  Lloyd is still riding his much loved 5.0.

Taking Care Of Passengers

This detailed Face Book review was written for flight attendants and pilots. As I have written in this blog post, the Strida bike is easy to take on a flight and if you have a long layover in an exotic location what would be nicer than having your Strida bike to ride?

This Strida bike review is a fun read, Dominic the author is almost 6′ 4″ tall and describes his first ride here, “Same goes when you take it out for a first ride. For the first few minutes, I felt like a bear on a unicycle. I was wobbly, insecure, and convinced I was about to plummet face forward into a manhole. But after a few minutes of awkward pedaling, with occasional flashbacks of my first-ever graceless bike ride as a kid, something happened in my brain, and I got it. Reality shifted, I stopped thinking of this bike as another one of my regular bikes, and I adjusted my way of thinking, and moving. And simultaneously, it became fun. Like, really fun.”



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