Spring Break 2018 Strida Travel Adventure

Spring is here Strida Fan’s, time for me to take a break and a small trip with my Strida. This Strida travel adventure is planned for the first two weeks of June.

Important for Strida Fan’s to know, I will not be shipping or manning my chat line, May 30th to June 18th.   I will be returning emails but there may be a delay.

It has been two years since I last packed my Strida with my Custom Trailer hitch, my Burley Travoy Trailer in my bike bag and boarded a airplane. You can read about my last trip here. 

This year I am going to be testing my Custom Strida Travel Bag as well as the new Strida Frame Pannier Bag to hold my cell phone.

I will also be testing myself. I am flying to Halifax and as I wanted to arrive in the morning I am taking the red eye flight! My destination when arriving is about 45 km distance so at this time I am in training mode.

Since my last trip traveling with my Strida and Burley Travoy trailer I have picked up some more travel tips. I will be posting about this latest Strida travel adventure. So stay tune in Strida fan’s.


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