Spring has Sprung here at Strida Canada!

This Spring 2023 update includes information on available stock and updates.

I have recently received a new parts and accessory order and have updated the website. When updating I removed all items that are not in stock. Many of the Strida accessories that I have stocked in the past were no longer available when I placed my order last August.

I encourage all Strida fans to consider stocking up on parts and accessories now, when they are still available. I don’t know what Ming Cycle’s future plans are for the Strida brand, but from my perspective there seems to be a lack of interest on their part in promoting and building the brand.

Strida E-Bike Project

I have always believed that the Strida bike would make an excellent electric assist commuter bike. I have been urging a company that specializes in development and sales of innovative E-Bike components to build a Strida kit. There was some progress this winter so this may become a reality. If a Strida E-Bike kit interests you, please let me know.

Strida Bikes in Stock

At the time of writing this post I have one Lt model and eleven SX models in stock. If you are interested in a new Strida bike then now is the time to order one. I do not at this time have plans to restock Strida bikes.

Here is a link to Strida bikes currently in stock.

Shipping Delays

I have recently been elected to a new board of directors. This will involve more travel and time away from my shop. This may cause some shipping delays with orders. I will post an information pop up when shipping will be delayed and I will inform anyone who has placed an order if I am not able to ship in a timely manner.

Checkout page password

As some of you will have noticed, I have password protected the checkout page. The reason for this was because my site was being targeted by bad actors using my checkout page to check stolen credit card numbers. Please contact me for the password to place an order.

Enjoy your summer and ride safe!

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