The Strida Bike Explained

Which Strida Bike is right for you?


Common in all Strida Bike models from Strida Canada West


  • kickstand is standard with a Strida bike from  Strida Canada West
  • the frame is the same size, adjustable seat mount for a rider 145 cm to 193 cm 4’9″ to 6’4″
  • disk brakes
  • fenders
  • bell
  • rear rack

Strida LT  Single speed 

  • 16 inch plastic wheels,  these wheels are strong, have no spokes to loosen or break
  • plastic rear rack
  • standard adjustable seat mount, the seat and the rack need to be removed and the mounting bolts loosened for adjustment. This is not a problem if the bike is for one rider and may not need to be adjusted often
  • the new Blue Man lt and the White Lt have the Q/R seat mount as the standard seat mount
  • the 16 inch plastic wheels of the Lt can be upgraded to 18 inch when ordering

Strida 5.0 Single speed

  • 16 inch wheels with spokes, these wheels are wider than the plastic rims on the Strida LT. Unlike the Strida LT wider tires can be mounted on the alloy Strida 5.0 wheels.  Wider tires in stock are the Schwalbe Marathon and Schwalbe Big Apple
  • Quick Release seat mount, the Q/R seat mount provides quick adjustment of the seat height
  • alloy rear rack with 10 kg carrying capacity


Strida SX  Single speed 

  • 18 inch wheels with spokes, the larger wheel provides a higher gear ratio, a faster ride without pedaling as fast. The larger wheels also provides a softer ride, the larger wheels will be harder to climb hills with
  • Quick Release seat mount, the Q/R seat mount provides quick adjustment of the seat height
  • alloy rear rack with 10 kg carrying capacity

EVO 16 inch wheels  Three speed 

  • EVO is equipped with a custom 3 speed Sturmey  Archer gear box located in the bottom bracket of the bike, between the pedals. Shifting the  3  gears is done by a back pedal until you hear a click. The 3 gears are  sequential, 1,2,3 so if you are in 3rd and want to downshift 1 gear to the middle gear, you need to back pedal until you hear 2 clicks.
  • the middle gear ratio is the same as the LT, the lower gear is lower than the LT for hill climbing, the higher gear is a little faster than the SX
  • EVO models include the alloy rear rack and the Q/R seat mount
  • Strida wheels are interchangeable between models, a 16 inch EVO model can be upgraded to 18 inch
  • EVO 16 inch tires can be upgraded to Schwalbe Marathon and Schwalbe Big Apple tires

EVO 18 inch wheels  Three speed

  • the lower gear is the same as the LT, the middle gear is the same as the SX and the higher gear is faster than the SX
  • 18 inch EVOs can be equipped with 16 inch wheels if desired

EVO gear ratio expressed in gear inches

  • 16 inch  1-low 42,   2- middle 53.3,   3- high 67
  • 18 inch  1-low 47.2,  2-middle  60.0  3- high  75.4

Advantages of a Strida Bike

Strida Bikes owners love their Strida bikes.  Obviously the quick and easy fold is one of the main reasons, but there is many more.

The clean Strida belt drive is maintenance free.  Strida’s will roll when folded,  the disk brakes and fenders makes the Strida a very good wet weather bike. Upright riding positions are very comfortable and great for people who have lower back pain.  Strida bikes are easy to mount and dismount and most riders can reach the ground with their feet.

Strida’s are easy to pedal because of the small wheels and can go surprisingly fast with the 18 inch wheels and the 3 speed EVO. The Strida is very maneuverable with a short wheelbase and a small turning radius.  Strida’s are adjustable for most riders from 4’9″ to 6’4″.  For a young person the Strida is a great bike as it can be easily adjusted as they grow.

Strida can be a stylish bike that comes in many colours and it is easily customized. Changing a tire on a Strida is very easy because of the single sided front and rear forks. The Strida is often referred to as having single sided front and rear forks. But as it was pointed out to me by a careful reader, they shouldn’t be referred to as a forks because they only have one side. The good news is that with the front and rear Strida wheels attached to a single tube the wheels do not need to be removed from the bike to change a tire. Strida bikes are built to last and are easy to maintain.

I will think of more reasons and add them!


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