Strida Folding Bike Questions and Answers

Strida Folding bike questions and Answers

The Strida Folding bike is not your usual bike, or your usual folding bike so people often have many questions.  Here are some of the common questions that I am asked.

Bill Wilby riding a red Strida EVO on a bike path

Bill riding a red Strida EVO


Q, Where can I ride a Strida Folding Bike.

A,    Strida bikes have a reputation of being the ideal short commute bike, especially if your commute includes riding a bus or train, but the Strida folding bike is much more than that. I feel very comfortable on a Strida going for a 30 km ride.  The new EVO 3 speed model Strida has changed things up considerably.  Combined with a 18 inch set of wheels the Strida is much more of an everything bike that also folds quickly.

This Spring I have been training with a Strida EVO on my favorite hill climb.  Here is a link to my EVO Hill Climb Post.

Q, Is the Strida difficult to ride?

A,  I have been with hundreds of people when they have ridden a Strida folding bike for the first time, what I tell people is to be careful for the first 3 meters. The short wheel base and the geometry of the Strida does make for a ride different than most people have experienced before. There is a wobble that most people experience for 3 meters, then it is all smiles, everyone smiles because riding a Strida is just so much fun you can’t help but smile.  It really does not take long to feel comfortable with the ride and to begin to enjoy what the Strida has to offer.  Most people are surprised how comfortable the Strida ride is. The Strida with it’s upright, straight back and pedal forward body position is a comfortable ride, not just compared to another folding bike but also compared to any full size bike.

Q, What different sizes of Strida bikes are manufactured?

A, The frames of Strida bikes are all the same size.  Because the seat adjusts for a person 145 cm [4’9″] to 193 cm 6’4″]tall there is only one size of frame. Strida bikes do have two different size choices of wheels, 16 inch and 18 inch. The single speed model LT has 16 inch wheels, the SX has 18 inch wheels and the EVO is available with both. Because of the pedal forward design most people are able to adjust the seat height to provides full leg extension and still  be able have their feet or toes touching the ground. Shorter people may find the 16 inch wheels more comfortable because the seat is one inch lower to the ground than the 18 inch wheels. For the same reason a tall person may prefer the 18 inch wheels with the extra one inch of height. Here is a link to the Strida Forum, with a thread discussing seat height and seat height adjustment.

Q,  Where can I get my Strida serviced?

A,   Firstly the Strida folding bike needs very little maintenance, there  is no chain to lube and the gears on the EVO do not need adjusting. The Strida disk brakes are easy to adjust and if you get a flat tire the wheel does not need to be removed for the tire tube to be removed. Flat tires and brake adjustment can easily be accomplished yourself or by your nearest bike shop.  Strida Canada West does stocks parts that may be needed to keep your Strida moving for years to come, we can supply your local bike shop, you can send your Strida back to us, or to one of our key dealers that we are working with in our  distributorship area.

Q, Is my new Strida difficult to assemble?

A, The Strida bikes are shipped 98 % assembled. Strida bikes are hand assembled and tested at the factory. When you open the box you will need to install the seat mount, seat and rack.  Included in the packing box is an instruction CD and the allan keys needed to install the seat mount and rack. The allan key is stored in the seat mount under the seat when you are finished. You will need two wrenches to tighten the seat bolt to the seat mount. The tires will also need air. The seat height of the Strida bike is adjusted by moving the seat mount up or down on the seat tube. There is a pin in the seat tube that centers the seat mount. This pin has two positions providing a high or low adjustment.  The adjustment pin is installed in the lower position at the factory and may need to be moved to the higher position if you are taller. This pin needs to be removed carefully and screwed into the higher threaded hole with care. It is possible to cross thread these small threads, the  pin extends through the tube and out the hole in the other side of the tube. Included with the nuts and bolts is a fender flap which needs to slipped on to the rear fender. There is a small hole in this flap that fits over a small pin under the fender. Here is a link to Strida to their page for the manual download. There is a separate manual for the Q/R seat mount.

Here is a link to our instructional video page, videos completed so far are, Folding & Unfolding your Strida, Unpacking and assembling your new Strida,  Adjusting  your Q/R seat mount.


Here also is a link to Strida’s  Question and Answer page.

More to come, please use our contact page for you questions,

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