Strida Window Sticker


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Strida Window Sticker

The idea for the Strida window sticker came to me while following a car displaying family stick figure window stickers. You may have seen displayed in car windows the stickers I am referring to, small stickers displaying to the world the family inside the car. I have seen these stickers with a mother, father and children and sometimes the family pet. So why not a Strida bike? If you are a Strida fan and want to show it off to the world even when you are not riding your Strida then what better way than to use my Strida Window sticker.

The Sticker is 9 cm in diameter.

The window sticker is applied on the outside surface of clean glass. I hope to produce better photos soon. Maybe some creative Strida Fans could find windows to place the Strida stickers in and we could start a window sticker photo album.

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Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × .01 cm


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