Strida Seat Mount Pin


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Strida Seat Mount Pin

The Strida seat mount pin threads into the seat tube. It keeps the Strida seat mount from moving laterally  as well as providing the steps for the seat height adjustment. The pin fit into the seat tube in two places, a low range and a high range for taller riders. Strida bikes are shipped from the factory with the pin installed in the low range threaded hole, for taller riders the pin will need to be moved to the higher range hole. When moving the Strida seat mount pin care needs to be given because of possible cross threading the pin. There is often paint in the threads, turning the pin in until snug and backing it out several times may be required.    The end of the pin also needs to be lined up with the hole on the other side of the tube. You may also encounter the rear brake cable in the seat tube when you are inserting the pin.

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