Strida Rear Hinge Upgrade Kit


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Strida Rear Hinge Upgrade Kit



Strida Canada West’s rear hinge upgrade kit includes, nylon washer, new longer bolt with thread locking compound, Strida part # 373, spring washer Strida part # 367, small hard washer, replacement for strida part # 364, 12x25mm stainless steel thin washer, small packet Never Seez compound, wooden toothpicks for Never Seez application, gloves for personal protection. 

The rear hinge upgrade kit that I have developed has three changes from Strida’s original parts.

One,  the small flat washer is a harder steel washer that does not deform with the applied torque.

Two, the steel cup spring is a Strida washer without the sharp edge. By grinding off the sharp edge there is less chance the cup spring will scar the aluminum tube.  Grinding off the sharp edge also creates a larger and rough surface contact area with less chance of the cup spring moving on the aluminum tube.

Three, a thin stainless steel washer that is placed between the steel cup spring and the Strida aluminum tube. This washer is to protect the tube from damage.

With the kit I have included a small packet of  Mariner’s Choice Never Seez compound to be applied to the top of the cup spring and the bottom of the small steel flat washer with the included wooden toothpicks. The Never Seez compound will insure that these two parts will move easily together and maintain the correct pivot point. I have chosen this product because Mariner’s Choice Never Seez offers “unparalleled resistance to water washout and the best protection in continuous high moisture environments both above and below water lines” as per their product information. This product may cause skin irritation so care needs to be taken. For this reason I have included one pair of protective gloves with this kit.

This blog post was written to explain the Strida rear hinge and to provide instructions for the Strida Canada West Rear Hinge Upgrade kit installation.


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