Strida EVO with M-Style Handlebars


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Strida EVO with M-Style Handlebars

This Polished Aluminum Strida EVO with M-Style Handlebars is a classy ride. The theme with this Strida model is silver and black leather, silver wheels, silver rack and silver M-Style Handlebars. The M-Style handlebars include the Strida black round leather grips. This bike is also equipped with the Strida black leather saddle. The M-Style Handlebars provide a more upright riding position on the Strida bike. These handlebars also provide a more relaxed hand position with your hands closer to your body and your wrists turned outward. I have published a review of the M-Style Handlebars that can be found here. The Strida M-Style Handlebars kit has proved to be very popular as I have sold many upgrade kits. This is the first Strida model that I have ordered with the M-Style Handlebars installed.

If you are looking for a special ride then please consider this Strida EVO with M-Style Handlebars, upgraded black leather round grips and a Strida black leather saddle.

Link to Strida’s web page with EVO details.

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions115 x 47 x 25 cm


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