Strida EVO Red 18 inch and leather


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Our custom Strida Red EVO comes with the Strida kick stand, quick release seat mount, Strida leather saddle and leather hand grips.


Strida EVO Red

The Strida EVO Red three speed with 18 inch wheels is something special.  This red is a custom colour from Strida. The bright red gloss finish and the rich brown leather saddle and ergo hand grips look very nice together.

The REd EVO is special for me.  One of my first bikes ordered from Strida was a Red Strida EVO and the first EVO that I sold was a Strida EVO red and leather.

This Strida EVO was also the Strida model that was displayed at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt  design museum in NYC as part of the Beautiful User Exhibit.  

 Beautiful User was an exhibition about how designers address human needs and desires. In the mid-twentieth century, Henry Dreyfuss pioneered the methodology of user-centered design. He applied the new fields of ergonomics and human factors to consumer products. 

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions115 x 47 x 25 cm

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