Strida EVO Three Speed Folding Bike

Strida EVO

The Strida EVO 3 speed is available with either 16 or 18 inch wheels. The wheels are interchangeable so please ask if you prefer a colour but not the included wheel size. The Strida EVO 3 speed is equipped with a custom 3 speed Sturmey Archer gear box located in the bottom bracket of the bike between the pedals. Shifting the 3 gears is simply done by back pedaling until you hear a click. The 3 gears are sequential, 1,2,3 so if you are in 3rd and want to downshift 1 gear to the middle gear you need to back pedal until you hear 2 clicks.

Strida bikes also have a choice of three different handlebars sets, the handlebars are interchangeable. The Standard handlebars are straight, the tow other option are Bent or offset, for tall riders, and M-Style for added comfort.

If you would prefer different handlebars then please contact me. More info on the different Strida Bike models can be found here.

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