Day 6 Bicycles


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Cycle For Fun.

The Day 6 Bicycle is a U.S. designed comfort bike that is fun to ride and very good for your body. It features a pedal forward design that creates a low step through that enables the rider to stop and start with their feet on the ground. This pedal forward design also provides an upright body riding position with back support provided from a fully adjustable backrest. The wide contour seat is comfortable and the high handle bars insures no pressure on the riders wrists. The Day 6 Bicycle provides a very comfortable ride for all riders but if you experience neck or back pain when riding a conventional bike you may want to consider a Day 6. We do have several customers with Parkinson’s disease who are able to ride the Day 6 bike, using it for therapy as well as enjoyment. The Day 6 Dream 24 is a 24 speed bike, The Journey a 7 speed bike with an internal gear hub. The Day 6 Samson is a 24 speed bike with upgraded wheels, components and frame with an increased weight limit of 400 lbs.

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