Yes, Strida Canada is alive and well, just a little quiet the last few months as many of you have noticed. Through the winter there have been many gaps in my stock of Strida parts and accessories. Well I am pleased to say that there are now fewer gaps as I have received a new parts and accessory order. I am proud to have one of the largest selection of Strida parts for sale online that you will find anywhere.

But if you are in need of parts or accessories you will need to be fast as I have been busy shipping orders the last few weeks.

Also to note I have new accessories not listed that I plan on listing soon. The new accessories include a red beltwheel, red saddle and I have new stock of red rear racks and red brake calipers, so red it it this year.

What do I plan on doing with my new red Strida accessories you ask? Well one plan is to add them to my Strida Turquoise Lt. I have a customer named Ron who has given me this idea of a red and Turquoise bike, Ron has added a red rack, red frame protectors and I helped with a custom red powder coated red kick stand to his bike. Ron’s Turquoise Strida is really sharp!

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