New Strida Fall Colours

New Strida Fall Colours

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New Strida Fall Colours

Canadian Strida Fan’s often look forward to the Canadian Fall colours as the season changes and the Fall leaves gain their colours. This Fall Canadian Strida Fans have new Strida colours to also look forward to. Included with my next order of new Strida bikes due this Fall are the following colours and models.

Bronze Strida EVO

Strida have introduced a new Bronze Strida EVO complete with copper components. The Bronze Strida EVO will include copper handlebars, copper crank arms, and copper rear rack. The Bronze EVO will also have copper wheels.

Bronze EVO New Strida Fall colours

Bronze EVO

Blue Man Strida EVO and Lt

Strida have a new blue, they call this new blue, Blue Man. I will be receiving the Blue Man in both the Lt and EVO models. If you would like a Blue Man Sx model then the 16 inch wheels and fenders can be exchanged and upgraded to 18 inch. This model upgrade is possible with all other Lt models.

Blue Man EVO new Strida colours

Blue Man EVO

Matte Black EVO

The Matte Black EVO is all black, black handlebars, black wheels including the wheel hubs, black crank arms and a black rear rack. For now you will need to picture, in your mind the black on black, until I am able to post a photo.


The first EVO I sold was a Red and leather EVO in the Fall of 2012.  This is also the EVO model that I loaned the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design museum in New York city for the exhibit Beautiful User.  For me this is a special Strida, and one model I will always try to keep in stock. Link to the Beautiful User blog post.

Strida at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian

Strida at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian

Lt Models with Q/R Seat mounts

With this order of new Strida bikes I am now equipping the Lt model Stridas with a Quick Release seat mount. The Q/R seat mount has been the standard seat mount for the Sx and EVO model Strida bikes but not the Lt. I think the added benefit of a quick adjustment of the seat height justifies the extra expensive. I plan on adding this seat mount to all Lt models on a stock turnover basis. If a customer wanted the standard non Q/R seat mount supplied with any model Strida this would be easy for me to do.  Strida distributors like myself order our Strida bikes equipped as we would like them equiped. This is why you may find different Strida models with different standard equipment around the world. Strida Canada West bikes include as standard, alloy freewheels, kickstands and now with our new stock of the Lt model Q/R seat mounts.

Strida Quick Release Seat molding

Strida Quick Release Seat molding

Comments Please

Please leave a comment as to what you think of these new Strida colours and standard equipment offered by Strida Canada West. I would love to know your opinions and ideas for future Strida bikes. Quantities are limited with each model so if you feel you have to have one of these models then please consider placing a deposit.


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