Instructions for Strida Travoy Hitch Bracket

I have designed the Strida Travoy Hitch Bracket to be easy to install, secure, safe to use and to provide years of use. Your understanding of the parts and the operation of the custom hitch bracket will add to the experience.

The Hitch Bracket will attach to both types of Strida Seat Mounts when using the supplied seat bolt, locking nut and the Strida seat washers.

Strida Travoy Hitch

Hitch parts diagram

The Travoy Trailer hitch can swivel up and down when using the Hitch Bracket.  This will help when riding over bumps and  when you are attaching or detaching the trailer.

Strida Travoy Hitch

The Hitch mounted with Standard Strida Saddle

Strida Travoy Hitch

The Hitch folded under the saddle

The Strida Travoy Hitch Bracket is attached to the Strida seat mount using the replacement seat bolt and lock nut. The size of the nut and bolt are 7/16th. The two seat bolt washers that came with your Strida are used in the same position with the new replacement seat bolt and locking nut. I think the best angle to mount the Strida Travoy Hitch Bracket is to mirror the angle of the seat mount and seat tube.

The Burley Travoy trailer hitch is attached to the hitch bracket using the two supplied 5 mm hex head bolts. The included two bolts that came with the Travoy hitch can also be used.  The bottom bolt of the hitch bracket needs to be remove to install these two bolts that fasten the trailer hitch to the hitch bracket.

Adjustment for the Strida Travoy Hitch Bracket

The amount of tension on the bottom bolt will control the stiffness of the cross piece.  Also important are the two nylon washers that are between each side support piece and the center piece. These two washers enable the hitch to move up and down smoothly.

To adjust the tension, tighten the lock nut until you have the desired tension. Tightening the tension is best done when the hitch is mounted tightly on the seat mount.

When not using the hitch the hitch can be swung under the seat. Before and after using the trailer hitch check that the lock nuts and hitch bolts are tight.

Strida Travoy Trailer Hitch Bracket

Travoy Hitch detail

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