Happy New Year Strida Fans

Happy New Year Strida Fans

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Happy New Year Strida Fans

I would like to wish Strida Fans everywhere a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018. There were a few changes this past year for Strida Canada and a few milestones. The biggest change is selling our downtown storefront and moving our Strida business to our home. This has always been our plan but it did take longer than anticipated.

As 95 % of our business is online with customers like yourself then I don’t really need a store front. What I need is a comfortable place to work and a great view which is what I have with working from home. We live on the Kettle River and my office looks out on to the river.

2017 Milestones

I have just recently shipped my 900th order to David in Florida, I also now have more than 516 customers. Thank you David for the order and thank you everyone else for the continued support. If you missed it here is a link to my map displaying my customers and their approximate location.

Looking Ahead to 2018

I have wanted to diversify my bike sales for a long time. I love the Strida bike and I ride a Strida often but I also understand that the Strida is not for everyone.  My wife rides her Day 6 comfort bike as much as I ride my Strida. You may have noticed that I have Day 6 bikes listed on this site and I have sold many over the years. At times this has been frustrating as the Day 6 bike supply has been inconsistent. This situation has changed in the last year with the original owner and designer taking back the company, improving the design and adding new models. I am also planning on importing a new Austrian folding bike, Vello. I visited the folks at Vello bike last July and posted of my experience here.

My plan is to have a new website to display Day 6 Bicycles, Vello Folding Bicycles and select Strida bicycles. I am presently building this new site and will launch it this Spring. This site, Stridacanada.ca will continue with a face lift and improved speed.

So thank you Strida Fans for your support in 2017 and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018.

Strida fans

Walking on the Kettle River

strida fans

Must have some fun if it is too cold to ride





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