Cycle For Fun, Day 6 and Vello Bikes

A project of mine this winter was to rebuild my Cycle for Fun website. I sell two different bikes, the Strida folding bike and the Day 6 comfort bike. Soon I will be adding the Vello folding bike. This website, Strida Canada is focused on Strida bikes. The Cycle For Fun website will be focused on the Day 6 and Vello bikes.

What is important to know with both the Strida Canada website and the Cycle For Fun website is that they are both owned by me, Bill Wilby.


Selling Bicycles Online

The bicycles that I sell are bicycles that I like and that I ride. They are unique bicycles that are hard to find in a local tradition bike shop.  I like good design and something that is new and different. Bicycles that are fun to ride and  good for your body, Strida, Day 6 and Vello are just that.


Online Service

I have many years of experience behind a sales counter. I pride myself in being able to offer my customers a high level of sales service. One surprise for me when I switched from the counter to online sales was, how easy it is to offer better service to my customers online.

I have always been self employed. For me with self employment, a traditional 9 to 5 job has never existed. With online sales my customers are located in many different countries and times zones. Their needs are no longer 9 to 5.

The better service is possible because I am available with email or my chat service for many more hours during the day. My laptop and my phone are never far away, I can be washing the morning dishes and still be helping a customer with my chat service. Or better still I can be enjoying a bike ride in the country and still reply to an email. And for you the customer, the store is open 24/7 no matter where you are and when you like to shop.


Cycle For Fun

So if you haven’t check out then please do.


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