Custom Strida Travel Bag

After my first experience flying with my Strida bike I have been thinking of constructing my own custom Strida travel bag. My plans for a better travel bike bag were helped greatly when my customer Indy dropped by for a visit. Indy helped me develop my Strida Travoy trailer hitch bracket. I wasn’t surprised when Indy wanted to show me his custom Strida bike bag. Indy’s custom bag wasn’t originally built for the Strida but it fitted the bike perfectly and was very easy to load. Indy then lent me his bag to use as a template for my bag.

Finding the right material

I wanted a bag that could withstand the stresses of air travel. A bag that would not tear easily and would withstand pressure from sharp objects. I started looking at my local upholstery shop. The owner showed me a material that he often worked with that was a very tough PVC puncture resistant vinyl. This material is rated for a tensile strength and passes ASTM D751 – Warp = 675 lbs and Fill = 635 lbs.  Often used for truck traps this material is very tough. And it is available in many colours. My custom Strida bike bag is manufactured by Andy, in Andy’s custom upholstery shop.

If you have loaded the Strida original bike bag you will have noticed that it only fits one way. Also because the Strida original bag is fitted to the shape of the Strida bike it becomes a tight fit. If your Strida bike has 18 inch wheels then you need to use the expansion zipper with the Strida bag. I travel with a Burley Travoy trailer and my Strida. So I wanted a bike bag that I could load both my Strida and my trailer quickly and with ease. I have loaded my trailer in my Strida bike bag with my Strida but it is not easy. I still remember some anxious moments at a ticket counter trying to completely close the zipper while watched carefully by a ticket agent.

Traveling with Strida

Strida and Trailer in the Strida Original Bike Bag

My Custom Bag

My custom Strida travel bag is rectangular in shape. It has one heavy duty zipper on the top and Velcro opening flaps at each end. The flaps provide a top that opens wide to help load the bag.  There is ample room in the bag to load a Travoy trailer, backpack, helmet and extra clothes etc.

Strida Custom Bike Bag open top view

Strida Custom Bike Bag open top view

Strida Custom Bike Bag

Zipper and Velcro Flaps

Flying with Your Strida

I have only flown in Canada with my Strida and I have only flown with West Jet.  West Jet treat the Strida in a bag as sports equipment and do not charge extra. West Jet’s fee for an extra bag is 25.00. This may not be the same with other airlines and before booking a flight it would be wise to know the airlines policies and fees. Here is a blog post detailing my first experience flying with my Strida.  And another blog post about flying and traveling with my Travoy trailer.

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