Flying with a Strida Bike

Flying with a Strida Bike

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Flying with a Strida Bike I have sold many Strida padded bags, but until last weekend I had never used one myself. The Strida padded bag was designed for air travel or, flying with a Strida Bike.  I can now report that it was easier and more fun than I thought possible.  Here are the details and things that I learned, flying with a Strida bike. The trip was a weekend excursion to Edmonton Alberta. I flew from Kelowna British Columbia, a three hour drive from my home. I traveled to Edmonton to attend director training courses for my position as a Credit Union director.  I thought riding my Strida bike would be the perfect way to unwind after a day of studying. Planning The first thing I needed to do was to check what flying with a Strida bike would cost in extra baggage fees. The West Jet website containing this information was not clear to me, reading it I understood this was going to be expensive with possible oversize and bike handling charges added. I phoned West Jet and a friendly and helpful customer service person explained this was not so. I was told that with the size and weight of the Strida bike in the bag, West Jet would handle the bike as if it was an extra bag. The fee for the first bag with West Jet is 25.00. This was good news but I didn’t trust the information because of what I had read on their website so I thought of ways of confirming this information. I sent West Jet a FaceBook message and within minutes received a reply confirming the baggage fee details. What to Pack So then I needed to decide how to pack when flying with a Strida bike. This was a three night trip so a carry on bag was sufficient for my clothes. There is a lot of extra room in the Strida padded bike bag, enough room for a Strida SX with 18 inch wheels, my bike helmet, an extra jacket, small backpack, small Airbone Pump, tools and a extra  tire tube. I also packed a small Strida headlight and Strida taillight. How to Pack and don’t forget to deflate the tires I think it is important to secure the Strida in the bag from possible damage and dislocation of the ball joint socket. I know of an incident where this happened to a customer. I decided that zip ties would help and a small knife to remove them. I zip tied the handle bars together, it is important to completely fold the Strida bike first, then I zip tied the three tubes together around the seat mount. On my return flight I also zip tied the wheels together. Of note is the quality of the zip ties and the stress on the ties. I experienced one broken zip tie...

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