Alaska Strida Adventure

Update October 

This has now become Kim’s North American adventure as Kim completed his trip in September. Kim’s adventure ended after 184 days and about 14,000 kilometers. After I helped Kim with a new freewheel and belt it seems the rest of his trip went well with only a few minor repairs not requiring Strida parts from me. 

This has to be one of the most epic Strida journeys of all time, not just the extreme distance covered but the brutally cold Alaska Highway in early March.  Kim has posted many photos on his FaceBook page found here.

Kim Arriving in St. John’s Newfoundland

Kim’s map of North America

Update, June 25th, so I have been thinking of Kim and how his adventure is going now crossing Canada. I know many of my readers have been also. I have reach out to Kim through email a couple of times and was pleasantly surprised to receive a short note and photos.

The last I had heard from Kim was that he wanted to see the Rocky Mountains before heading across Canada, he sent me this photo May 4th.

Kim in the Rocky Mountains

Recently I received another photo, this one of Kim in Sault St. Marie Ontario.   Now this doesn’t surprise me that Kim has made it this far, not after he crossed the Alaska highway in the winter. This latest part of his trip according to google maps may be about 3600 km depending on side trips etc.

Kim in Sault Ste. Marie



Original Post

Thursday April 13th I receive a phone call from a woman named Michelle who lives in Fort St. John Northern B.C. It took several minutes and careful listening for me to understand how I could help her. Michelle doesn’t own a Strida and she doesn’t know anything about Strida bikes but she and her husband Tim are trying to help someone who does.

You see Michelle and Tim have just rescued a Strida adventurer from a snow storm. A snow storm that has just dropped 30 cm of wet snow and is making travel with a vehicle difficult.  But travel with a Strida  almost impossible, especially a Strida bike with a twisted and broken drive belt.

Meet Seong Woo Kim

This Strida owner’s name is Seong Woo Kim and he is from South Korea. People in North America call him Kim, as it is easier for us. Kim has a dream, a Strida dream and as you will see he is very determined to make his Strida dream come true. Kim’s dream is to ride his Strida across North America, from the furthest western point he can access to the furthest eastern point he can reach. Kim has completed his first part of this adventure, his Alaska Strida Adventure.

Arctic Adventure Hostel Anchorage Alaska

Kim started his adventure in early March at Anchorage Alaska.  In 40 days he has ridden the 1500 miles or 2400 km of the route known as the Alaska highway. Having never seen the Alaska highway myself,  what I know of it is that it is a adventure people plan for the summer, often in a well maintained self contained RV.  There are few services for travelers and settlements are large distances apart.









Kim is very determined, this is what I heard from Tim and Michelle while they were explaining what Kim needed for repairs.  I think you would agree to travel the Alaska highway in the winter with a bike would take much determination. Kim has kindly sent me photos and has offered to keep in touch during his adventure. I will provide updates when I receive them for Kim. I hope you join me in wishing Kim good luck on his Strida adventure.

On the Road again, April 17th 2017

Update, April 23rd

Kim now has a FaceBook page, Kim’s Canadian Bike Tour and he is now in Alberta.

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